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El cosplay ha evolucionado tanto con el correr de los tiempos que una persona con dedicación, esfuerzo y dinero puede convertirse en cualquier personaje de ficción. En el caso de Jonathan Stryker, parece que no tiene límites a la hora de hacerse pasar por otro y estas fotos nos los demuestran:

1. Ash

2. Link

NINTENDO WEEK BEGINS! 🕹 Opening up this theme with my favorite Nintendo franchise. From The Legend of Zelda: LINK! 🗡 I can't even believe I'm actually posting Link. I've been wanting to cosplay him for so many years and I finally did it! I'm so fucking proud of this costume. I made everything from scratch and it has a crazy amount of little details. I'm glad I waited this long to make it 🙏🏼 So, my ex is a super huge Zelda fan and introduced me to LoZ a few years ago and I fell in love with it ever since. Twilight Princess was the first LoZ game I played and also my favorite, with Majora's Mask and A Link Between Worlds a close second. So yeah, this was hella Twilight Princess inspired. I'm excited about this theme! It's basically a big Smash Bros roster of characters so be ready for NEW CHALLENGERS everyday! 💥 Super happy to be back and posting again. BEYOND grateful for the outpour of love and support from ALL of you! Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all <3 Sexy version Link photos are on my Patreon, link in bio if you'd like to support! New character will be up tomorrow~ Mucho love! 💚 #jstryker #nintendo #nintendocosplay #legendofzelda #link #loz #twilightprincess #cosplay #cosplayer #makeup #art #poopi

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3. Hércules

Disney Dates Week concludes! 🌹 Finally, take a Pegasus ride with this God: Hercules! 💪🏼 He's a God so I was a little extra with him as well and went for a Greek look 😆 Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this theme. It was a little simple one so I could get a bit of a break 😊 Finally, let's talk about second chances. I think we've all been in situations where we ask ourselves, "have I had enough or should I give it a second chance?" The most important question we should ask ourselves when considering a second chance is, "has the other person truly changed?" I do believe people can change and definitely believe in second chances. I am the best example that people can change for the better. However, I don't think people can change from one day to another. It's okay to let go of people and let them figure things out on their own for a while. Time is your asset. Most growth takes place after a heart break after all. And once some time has passed, and hearts can heal, then I think we can make better assessments on whether the other person has changed or not. In the end, change should NOT be forced but learned by the individual on their OWN. If they deserve a second chance, there should be no doubt in your heart that they now: love themselves, they will add value to your life, and they have truly changed. Whether you are the one giving the second chance or deserve the second chance, remember, that the chance should ultimately further happiness and not prolong comfort. I hope you guys enjoyed my long little relationship posts. I've been through a lot of shit in the past few years and I'm glad I did. I feel like I've grown a lot as a person and I'm now ready to eventually embark on some great adventures with someone and give it my all without losing myself 😊 I may start a new theme this week! Thank you all so much for your comments and support! As always, mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #cosplay #cosplayer #disney #disneycosplay #waltdisney #waltdisneyworld #hercules #makeup #god

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4. Flynn Rider

Disney Dates Week continues! 🌹 Go on a date with Disney's sexiest smolderer: Flynn Rider! 😉 Went for a fuck boy type look for Flynn. I hella see him pulling up in a motorcycle for his date and looking all cool 😏 ❤️ Today I feel like sharing my thoughts about victimization. As I've said before, I take responsibility for why my past relationships haven't worked out. It was due to my own issues among other things, which brings me to this topic. I use to not see things this way. I use to always be the victim in heartbreak situations, mainly because I've always been the one that's been broken up with. When you're the one that is being left, it's easier to assume a victim position. "They left ME. They gave up on ME. I deserve better." Blah, blah, blah. I think as humans, victimizing ourselves is an easier route because receiving sympathy in a time where your heart is broken is the only method we can use to cope with such a shitty situation. However, I don't think it's right. Often times, the person that has to do the breaking up with is having it just as hard. If they engaged in a situation where they want to be with you and commit to you, then it probably took a lot of negative situations and thought into making the decision to break up. Most people break up because they're simply not content with their current reality and that's a damn good reason to leave. As I've said before, we should always prioritize our own happiness before ANYTHING otherwise we can't be happy with anyone else. So if you're not happy with your relationship because there's too much fighting, there's no trust, lack of intimacy, you want to fuck other people or you're just no longer happy and you feel like you tried to fix things and things haven't worked, then LEAVE. There's no reason to feel guilty, in fact it's one of the bravest things you can do. To prioritize your happiness in order to better your life and the life of the partner that's incapable of coming to this realization, is BRAVE. Anyway, don't let guilt stop you from doing what's right, no matter what they say about you. There's no need to be victims. Just take responsibility for your own actions and move on 💪🏼 Mucho love ❤️

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5. Eric

Disney Dates Week continues! 🌹 Next up, go under the sheets, I mean, sea with this stud: ERIC! ⚓️ Went for a preppy, seaman white boy type look 😆 Thank you to everyone that actually reads these captions. Again, this is MY interpretation of how these princes would look going on real life dates. It's all in good fun for Valentine's Day ❤️ Anyway, people had a problem with Aladdin's watch so I made sure I wore a watch for Eric OH and added some sunglasses 😎😂 Anyway, it's the day before Valentine's Day and I've been reflecting on some past Valentine dates I've had. Last year's was amazing and I'm just grateful to have great memories with great people 😊 I'm dateless this year and I'm totally okay with that. This past year I've grown the most as a person and I've learned to enjoy being alone, at peace and happy! 😘 If you have a date tomorrow (or not) let me know in the comments what you're doing! 🤗 New Disney Date will be up tomorrow! ✨ Mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #disney #cosplay #cosplayer #waltdisney #waltdisneyworld #makeup #disneycosplay #princeeric #thelittlemermaid

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6. Rick

Adult Cartoons Week concludes! 🚫 Let's end it with the current reigning champ of adult Cartoons. From Rick & Morty: RICK! 🥒 This week was hell of a challenging one. Holy shit! Lots of firsts when it came into transforming into different characters. I really hope you guys enjoyed it and had some laughs 😊 Also, I really appreciate those that took a second to write me something sweet and encouraging in the comments. The majority were positive and really mean the world to me, so thanks guys! ❤️ I had some unwarranted critics here and there but I always remember that their comments don't have any reflection on me or my work. Insecurities are loud so be nice people! 😘 Again, beyond grateful for the encouragement guys. These themes aren't easy to make happen so all your likes, comments and messages have really fueled me 😊 I'll be back with a new theme this February. Gonna take a little break though! MUCHO LOVE EVERYONE ❤️ #jstryker #rickandmorty #rick #rickandmortycosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #makeup #adultcartoons #adultswim #picklerick #morty

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7. Dr. Zoidberg

Adult Cartoons Week continues! 🚫 Next up, a weirdo lobster thing that's also a doctor. From Futurama: Zoidberg! 🦀 There's no lobster emoji 😑 Futurama always felt like Family Guy's less funny little brother. I kind of watched it to pass the time but still entertaining none the less. This was an interesting makeup to do 🤓 When I was finished putting everything on, I realized my camera had no battery so I had to put it to charge and wait about twenty minutes. Then when I put the battery in the camera, I realized it wasn't the battery, I had forgotten to put the memory card in, which I spent like 10 minutes looking for. Imagine cranky Zoidberg doing all this for half an hour 😂 Anyway, will be taking a little break til Sunday! Have a great weekend guys. Mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #zoidberg #futurama #cosplay #cosplayer #makeup #adultcartoons #drzoidberg #bringinthedancinglobsters

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8. Calamardo

Nickelodeon Week continues! 🔶 Next up, my favorite snarky boy in Bikini Bottom. From Spongebob Squarepants: SQUIDWARD! 🦑 Yes, I tucked my dick between my legs. No, I don't have a vagina. Yes, I shaved for this. Yes, this is some puteria, weird shit 😂 Had to do Squidward, he's my favorite asshole and Spongebob Squarepants is obviously an amazing show. Hope I didn't mentally handicap any of you… although Squidward would probably want that 😈 Anyway, no need to fight on my DMs for that squid vagina. Plenty of calamari smellin' punani for everyone 😂 Hopefully this doesn't "offend" anyone and if it does, don't really care 🤷🏻‍♂️ Final Nickelodeon character will be up tomorrow! Mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #nickelodeon #nicksplat #cosplay #cosplayer #makeup #spongebob #spongebobsquarepants #makeup #weird #squid #squidward

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9. Nigel Thornberry

Nickelodeon Week continues! 🔶 Next up, one of the grossest daddies in cartoon history. From The Wild Thornberrys: NIGEL THORNBERRY! 🌳 Im sorry for this post 😂 He's so fucking gross bro. Imagine him like naked and like spitting on you and sweating on top of you as he's getting frisky 🤣🤣 Hahaha. Legit laughing as I'm typing this. I'm sorry! I really liked The Wild Thornberrys but whenever it was over they'd show As Told By Ginger and that show was equally as gross as Nigel 💩 Haha. Used a nose prosthetic for the nose. New SMASHING Nickelodeon character will be up tomorrow! 🔶 Mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #nickelodeon #thewildthornberrys #nigelthornberry #gross #cosplay cosplayer #malecosplay #cartoon #cartoons #makeup #caca

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10. Cosmo

11. Beetlejuice

12. Mojo Jojo

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