Crea ilusiones ópticas IMPRESIONANTES usando solo líneas

El poder de la mente.


Cuando hablamos de ilusiones ópticas, hay quienes creen que se requiere un concepto sumamente elaborado para poder engañar al ojo humano. Sin embargo, suelen ser las cosas más simples las que genera un efecto más fuerte. En este caso, la artista Katy Ann Gilmore utiliza principios matemáticos y perspectiva forzada para lograr efectos increíbles. Te mostramos algo de su trabajo:






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My favorite piece from my show currently up at @denk_gallery. “Catenary Skew Number 2”, 40 in x 90 in. This one gets super wonky and flattened as you walk around it…and floats between looking concave and convex. It’s headed to a new home after the exhibition! 💙 Only one more piece is available, and one is on hold – contact with any interest (click the link in my bio to see the press release and scroll through to see the work). Check out the exhibition in person through July 7! 😁

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What I worked on this week! So excited to have "Catenary Galaxy (Iteration 2)" in its new permanent home in Munson Chapel at @azusapacific in Azusa, CA. I went to grad school here, so I'm honored to do this install! I'm really happy with how this came together – I modified "Catenary Galaxy" from my solo show in May to fit the dimensions of this space. The sculpture itself is about 10' x 12.5' x 10', and made of rubber cord, monofilament, and screws. It was quite a challenge to hang and ensure that everything stayed untangled, so I had the help of two great assistants! The part behind me is installed flat on the wall, and the other part extends out 12.5'. I'll probably be inundating you with all views to get a better idea of the piece. // It's fun to look back and see how ideas develop. I started thinking about ideas similar to this in 2011, and made a 3D piece along this concept shortly after in early 2012. In 2013/14 for my MFA thesis, I used monofilament to create gaps in steel ball chain, and this led to thinking about how to suspend these catenaries to make them feel more like lines drawn in the air. I started developing this particular piece in late 2016 / early 2017, and was finally able to use that knowledge and maturation of an idea over time. Sometimes an idea takes awhile to simmer and goes through stages and iterations until you find one that really clicks!

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Me when I saw Mt Shasta: 😍❤️🤤. I'm slowly making my way up to Seattle! I spent yesterday in San Francisco, then stopped too many times to stare at Mt Shasta, and now I'm in central Oregon. I loveeee solo road trips. I've just been listening to music, podcasts, silence, y hablando español en voz alta. Había un tiempo cuando podía hablar español con fluidez. Pero no he hablado mucho hace 7 años. Pasé un rato en la República Dominicana, y allá fueron establecidas mis habilidades. No vienen tan fácilmente las palabras y por la mayoría no las vienen sin pensar. Y cometo más errores que antes. Pero todavía partes de mis sueños son en español, y trato de tomar ventaja de cada oportunidad para practicar…jajaj y una de las maneras es hablar en voz alta mis pensamientos cuando estoy manejando. Y escuchar podcasts…Alguien tiene una sugerencia de podcast o algo así en español?

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