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Hace esculturas con su pelo y la rompe 💇🏾

Peinate para la foto.

Laeti Ky tiene sólo 21 años y ya revoluciona el mundo con una forma de expresarse artísticamente tan original como divertida: hace esculturas con su propio pelo.

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Do you love #puppies ?? Cause im in love with them ! I found this one in the street today and dont know how i should call him 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔! #dog #bestfriend #hairart #africa 😊💖 !!! Vote for me in the link in bio at african talent award

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Su talento no sólo le dio más de 58.000 seguidores en su cuenta de Instagram, sino una nominación a los African Talent Awards.

Además de divertido, su arte le permite expresarse sobre las problemáticas que sufren las mujeres día a día, como el abuso, de una manera en la que nadie se ha proclamado hasta ahora.

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#metoo Thousands of women are raped every day in the world, but very few are able to talk about it, to complain or fight. Why? Because our "beautiful" society has the tendency to blame the victim almost every time. "" Oh but you should not have to gone out so late !!! "" "" "Ah, but you had a mini skirt" "," "why are you complaining if you agreed to have dinner with him?" "," "dont tell me that you were not trying to seduce him with all that makeup" "… Ladies … NOTHING JUSTIFIES RAPE, SEXUAL ASSAULT OR HARASSMENT. Neither your clothing, your make-up, your relationship with the abuser (because even your husband doesnt have the right to force you to have sex if you dont want to, the concept of marital rape exists). There is no enabling circumstance for the abuser and you need to talk about it so that thing starts to change. Don't remain silent, dont let anyone tell you that you have some responsibility in this despicable act !!!! Speak out because you dont have to carry this burden alone, talk to help other women who are afraid, talk to start a revolution, talk to change things. You are not alone. Dont be discouraged even if your direct surrounding makes you feel guilty … the weight can be difficult to sustain and the battle can be hard but it is worth it !!!!!! It's never too late to speak out. Even if the assault took place 20 years ago, a crime remains a crime so dare to speak out …. dont let anything pass… so those men learn to honor and respect women . Because yes, it is not for you to interfere with your liberty so that they are not tempted but for them to know how to control themself. I repeat it once more, dare to talk about it, dare to SNITCH ON YOUR PIGS… talk to the people around you so they can bring you all the support that the victims desperately need to start the process of healing… My DM is open to anyone who wants to talk. You are not alone.

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“Miles de mujeres son violadas todos los días en el mundo, pero muy pocas pueden hablar de ellas, quejarse o luchar.”

Sus trabajos le llevan entre 20 minutos y dos horas dependiendo de la complejidad de la escultura.

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Tag someone that you love 😍🤗🤗🤗 Link in bio to see all the serie #love #bd #hairart #blackart

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Una vez retratadas sus obras, tiene que desenredar cuidadosamente su pelo y fortalecerlo para que tanto arte no lo debilite.

Ya sea dando cátedra sobre igualdad de género, haciendo formas divertidas o inspirándose en sus series favoritas, esta artista nos encanta.

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